Fiata Abbreviations

C-TPAT customs trade partnership against terrorism (USA)
c.& d. collection and delivery
C.B. container base
c.b.d. cash before delivery
C.H. carrier’s haulage
C.H.C. cargo handling charges
c.i.a. cash in advance
c.i.f. & c. cost, insurance, freight and commission
c.i.f. & e. cost, insurance, freight and exchange
c.i.f. & i. cost, insurance, freight and interest
c.i.f.c. & e. cost, insurance, freight, commission and exchange
c.i.f.c. & i. cost, insurance, freight, commission and interest
c.i.f.i. & c. cost, insurance, freight, interest and commission
c.i.f.i. & e. cost, insurance, freight, interest and exchange
c.i.f.l.t. cost, insurance and freight, London terms
c.i.f.w. cost, insurance and freight plus war risk
C.O.D. cash on delivery
C.O.F.C. container-on-flat-car (rail flatcar)
C.O.S. cash on shipment
C.P. customs of port
C.T. conference terms
C.T.L. constructive total loss
C/D customs declaration
c/i certificate of insurance
C/N consignment note
C/O certificate of origin
C/P charter party
C/P lading charter party bill of lading
C/T container terminal
CAC currency adjustment charge
CAConf cargo agency conference (IATA)
CAD cash against documents
CAF currency adjustment factor
CAS currency adjustment surcharge
CASS cargo accounts settlement system (IATA)
CBFT (OR CFT) cubic feet
cbm cubic meter
CBP customs and border protection
cc charges collect
CCL customs clearance
CCS consolidated cargo (container) service
ccx collect
CEM European Conference on goods train timetables
CEVNI european code for inland waterways
CFR cost and freight
CFS container freight station
Ch. fwd. charges forward
CHOPT charterers option
CHTRS charterers
CIF cost, insurance and freight
CIM international convention on the transport of goods by railway
CIP carriage and insurance paid to
CIV international convention on the carriage of passenger and luggage by railway
CKD completely knocked down (unassembled)
Cl. classification
Clean B/L clean bill of lading
CLP container load plan
cm centimeter(s)
cm3 cubic centimeter(s)
CMR convention on the contract for the international carriage of goods by road
cnee consignee
cnmt/consgt. consignment
cnor consignor
COA contract of affreightment owners agree to accept a cost per revenue ton for cargo carried on a specific number of voyages
COACP contract of affreightment charter party
COB (1) collection on board
COB (2) close of business
COB (3) customs and border protection (Canada)
COD charterers pay dues
code council
COGSA carriage of goods by sea act
COLT conference port liner term charges
CONS consumption
COOS call-of and order survey
COP customs of port
COS call-of-schedule
COTIF convention concerning international carriage by rail (CIMCIV)
COW collection on wheels
CP carriage paid
CPT carriage paid to
CQD customary quick dispatch
CRN crane
CROB cargo remaining on board
CRP continuous replenishment program
CSC (1) container service charge
CSC (2) international convention of the safe transport of containers
CSConf cargo services conference (IATA)
CSI container security initiative (USA)
CSL container stuffing list
CST (1) container service tariff
CST (2) centistokes
CT combined transport
CTD combined transport document
CTO combined transport operator
CTPC cargo traffic procedures committee (IATA)
CTR container fitted
cu.ft. cubic foot (feet) cubic inch(es)
cur. currency
CUSDEC customs declaration
CUSRES customs response
CVGK customs value per gross kilogram
CVGP customs value per gross pound
CWE cleared without examination
CWO cash with order
cwt hundredweight
CY container yard