How long does it take for my request to be quoted?
It may take up to 24 hours.
How can I activate a Business Account for my company?
Right now business accounts are available for carriers and forwarders.
You will see "Activate" link in the Profile section for your company.
How can I reset my password? I forgot it!
Just go to login page! There will be a reset password link at the bottom of the page.
How can I report a problem in my Dashboard?
It's best to send us a ticket. You can access this section by "Messages" label in your Dashboard.
Of course you can always reach us by phone, email, and on Whatsapp and Telegram.
How can I give feedback on the quality of the service provided?
After logistics procedure is done, you can update the status of your request in your Dashboard and give us your feedback on the quality of service you received.
Who should I refer to in case of conflict, damage or loss?
Selected logistics service provider will be totally responsible in these cases.
Who do I pay to for the logistics services?
FreightRate.org is totally free of any charge. Enjoy using it.
All the payments after shipping the cargo will be made to the selected logistics service provider.
What happens after I book a quote?
Your direct contact details will be sent to the selected service provider.
They will be in touch with you to do some logistics!
How can I book a quote?
You can see the list of service providers with their offers in Request view page.
There will be a blue "Book" button for every quote you desire to confirm.
How do I get notified when my request is quoted?
You will be notified by email. You can manage your email notifications in Profile section.
How can I request a quote?
You just need to register and complete your company's information.
Then, you can start requesting a new quote by clicking on "Request a Quote" button in requests section.
Is FreightRate.org a Logistics Service Provider?
No. FreightRate.org will connect you with trusted and well-known logistic service providers.